Two grown up kids and a van – Day 1

Dear Future Katie,
I’m sorry my memory sucks, this blog is dedicated to you, so the silliness will always be fresh in your memories. ❤

Day 1 – Sunday 30th April 2017
Golden, BC to Chilliwack, BC
After a few last minute cleaning jobs and 15 minutes of trying to wrestle a queen mattress through the side door of our van, we pile the rest of our stuff in the back and say goodbye to our Winter home on 10th Street. As we reverse out of the driveway I am hit with a sad realisation that I won’t be living with my younger bro Nug anymore after 2 long (sometimes tedious, irritating and messy) but awesome years of living together pretending to be adults both back home in Australia and in Canada. Now Tony, myself and all of our posessions live with Audra, our 2001 Toyoto Sienna, she’s old and she has some quirks going on, but she’s (hopefully) going to take us on an awesome adventure from the beautiful British Columbia down to California! We’ve got our mattress in the back, a batch of my fave bliss balls and road trip snacks, not a lot of money in the bank, but a smile on our faces none the less! We have been looking forward to this for the last 6 months! Audra is no comparison to the Smurf, a big bright blue camper van I had 6 years ago, but after a quick stop at the mechanic, she has a fuel cap now, tyres full of air, a full tank of gas and with our favourite road trip song – I’m gonna be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers, we are ready to hit the road!
We are on HWY 1 West, and the drive is incredibly beautiful, glorious snowy mountains that we wish we could snowboard down, cool little rocky rivers, and even some snow still lingering around on the side of the road. We make our first stop at Kamloops, BC where Tony has his first Walmart experience and gets to check out technology for the first time in 6 months! We bought a powerful inverter so we can charge the laptop, ie play cities skylines, in the car :p
After some cheap nasty highway food (we are on a pretty tight budget!) we are off again, trying to get as close to the US border as we can. We arrived in a town called Chilliwack, BC about 40 mins from the border, and found a small quiet dirt road beside the river to stop for the night.
Our first night sleeping in the van we thought we found the perfect spot, it was checking all the boxes, no bright street lights to keep us awake, minimal thru traffic and people, and no “no parking ” signs, however, we failed to take into account we were on a sideways and downhill slope, so it wasn’t exactly what you’d call ideal! But we set my tablet up so we could continue watching a couple of episodes of Dexter before bedtime, it’s definitely cosy in the back, but the price was right, so all in all we can’t complain too much!
Stay tuned, crossing the US border tomorrow, fingers crossed they let us in! Ooooo I’m already getting excitement chills as we get slightly closer to 6 flags :p

KT xx


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