Two grown up kids and a van – Day 2

Day 2 – Monday 1st May 2017
Chilliwack, BC to Lake Goodwin, WA
After driving around the town in circles for awhile, we finally made it to the Gas Station to fill up the car and find a restroom. Curses to boys and their ability to pee anywhere! After banking Tony’s final work cheque (uh oh, no more monies going into the account for awhile!) we found an aquatic centre in Abbotsford to play in. So nice to soak in the hot tub and play in the heated pool, Tony even got to play on the diving board, and bonus there were showers :p it was def a good choice! #worth
Time to cross the border into Trump land. I’ve crossed the Canada/US border a few times and each time was different! Some states waved us through after a 2 second glance at our passport, others wanted to search the van, so I wasn’t sure what to expect this time. Luckily they didn’t keep us too long, we had to get out of the van to scan our fingerprints, but the border officers were friendly and let us through, so now we are in Washington State!
We know we’re in ‘merica as everything is now in miles and pounds, legal marijuana stores every couple of miles, American flags, people playing grid iron on a field, the candy section in the supermarket has a wider range of junk/deliciousness than the fruit and veg section and there are no Tim Hortons in sight! Luckily our car speedo also shows miles! Tony’s canadian number is now in flight mode, so we are both officially wifi ninjas now, (thanks maccas!) We are pretty much doing a McDonalds run down the west coast, downloading google maps of the coast and finding all of the free wifi as we go.
We drove through an awesome National park called Larrabee state park, beautiful forests, and spectacular views, pulled over to make a sandwhich and play some cards at the top of a viewpoint.

We randomly found a place called Lake Goodwin and decided we have to go there, only a 10 min detour off the highway! It turns out there are 3500 people who live at Lake Goodwin, and some really amazing houses surrounding the lake. We found a playground by the lake, and did some spinny spins on the toys there and walked out onto the wharf, it didn’t say we couldn’t park there overnight, so that means we can right?!?! Risk it! It even had a portaloo! So apart from the couple of dodgy cars circling the parking lot in the middle of the night and the suspect guy who we think tried to break into our car, but got scared off when he found out we were inside, it was a really great spot :/



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