Two grown up kids and a van – Day 3

Day 3 – Tuesday 2nd May 2017
Lake Goodwin, WA to Seattle, WA

To Seattle! Our first big city! Driving in traffic again is weird. After I convinced Tony to actually direct me to the Seattle Center using google maps, instead of trying to estimate where to turn left and right, which blocks to circle twice, and guess which streets are one way only (the fun way, apparently haha) we arrived at the Seattle Centre, home of the Science Centre and the Space Needle. Highly recommend, by the way, we spent all day here! I had an eerie feeling of déjà vu when I was walking through the park, and when we entered the food centre it definitely looked familiar, I knew where the bathrooms were! I’d been here 6 years ago with my older brother Pete! And completely forgotten. Lol. When Pete and I travelled through here, Seattle was one of the last stops on our road trip, so we were pretty much out of money and didn’t do many touristy things, apart from eating a burrito the size of a new born baby :p it was really nice to return and get to see the city again in more detail!


We both really liked Seattle. Really nice city. There was the premier exhibit of the Terracotta Warriors, which was amazing to see some of the real warriors built thousands of years ago. We continued to spend the rest of the afternoon playing in the science centre, we sang the jurassic park theme song as we walked past the dinosaur exhibit, tested our grip strength which Tony maxed out, our eyes, damn I probably need glasses  and reflexes which are pretty quick, thanks to all the video games :p Yes we walked through all the kids sections. We had fun.

We hastily booked an air bnb north of Seattle by accident instead of a hotel, but it turned out to be quite a nice place! A few other Aussies in vans doing the same thing as us were staying there. Hotel – check, one last stop for the night, we went to the top of the Space Needle and had an awesome, partly overcast, view of the city. Still, I made Tony take some selfies and we were still impressed by the view up there and the construction of the tower, which was built back in 1961. Tony bought me a silly rainbow hoodie from the gift store, and then we went to the airbnb to sleep in an actual bed with no hills or awkward side slopes, it was super comfy. Every shower is also a small victory. So basically winning at life today #stoked
Tomorrows plan is the Woodland Park Zoo, the Aquarium and then leaving Seattle off towards the coast to cruise down the 101.



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