Two grown up kids and a van – Day 5

Day 5 – Thursday 4th May 2017
Random place on the side of the road, WA to Crescent City, CA

Another early morning start, well early for us anyway! We hit the road about 8am and crossed the State border into Oregon, today is also marked as a momentous occasion as it is Tony’s first time driving! Ahh it feels nice to be in the passenger seat!

received_10154621210797666Today was initially meant to be a day of cruising down amazing coastal roads, cliffs and stopping at cool little beaches, instead we were overtaken by the #foglife :/ beautiful views and beaches became white foggy patches of nothing, it was so thick in some stages it actually became eerie as visibility was limited to about 10m in all directions. This didn’t change our mind about stopping for foggy selfies and foggy I think I can see a beach down there somewhere pics. If you ever want to know what the Oregon coastline would look like completely covered in fog, just let me know, we have you covered.


It did start to clear up a little in the middle of the day, so we got a couple of good pics.

We did also get to see lots of sea lions playing in the waves! We were quite far away at the top of a cliff looking down, but it was still pretty awesome. Due to the crappy weather we cruised through Oregon pretty fast unfortunately, we just crossed the California border before we pulled up in a walmart carpark for the night. It did say no overnight parking, but there were like 7 other vehicles ranging from vans like ours, big rig RVs, and trucks, so we figured it would be ok to park there with our other vehicle friends. We are now in the same state as 6 flags Magic Mountain. Giggity. 10/10 excited.


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