Two grown up kids and a van – Day 6

Day 6 – Friday 5th May
Crescent City CA, Fort Bragg CA

I think I could stare at and explore the California Redwoods for a whole week without getting bored. The size, age and vibe from the forest is awe inspiring and as much as I try, there are simply no words or photos that can do it justice! We took a couple of detours to drive the scenic routes, including the Avenue of the Giants which I drove through 6 years ago, it was awesome to recreate some photos I took with Pete from 2011 of a random massive redwood that had fallen over on the side of the road, still there 6 years later exactly the same!

2017-05-15 17.35.25.jpg

We got out and went for a little bit of a walk through the forest, but I could have spent all day there! Starting to see bear safe garbage bins again in the carparks :/ the only animals to be seen were some Elk, which was cool but wouldn’t have minded seeing a bear or 2…. from a distance that is!

Spent most of the drive stopping and pulling over at every spot we could to look at the big trees, so what should have been a couple of hours drive turned into a whole day haha oops! Worth.

We also stopped in a small town called Eureka and had a quick visit to their little Sequoia Park Zoo, which is well worth a visit! The river otters were extremely active and just being fed as we walked into the park, they also had red pandas and gibbons putting on a show for us jumping and swinging around their exhibits. It was an awesome little Zoo.

We are now heading down the 1 which follows the coast, exceptionally closely I might add! It’s definitely added a few more hours to the trip to San Francisco by heading west to the coast via an exceptionally narrow, steep and winding road, (for my Sydney friends, imagine Galston Gorge, except steeper and for 22 miles :p ). By the time we reached the coast we just missed the sun setting over the ocean. We found another safe spot on the side of the road to pull over for the night just outside of a town called Fort Bragg. Minimal slopes, so, winning!



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