Two grown up kids and a van – Day 7

Day 7 – Saturday 6th May 2017
Fort Bragg CA, to San Francisco CA

Here comes the sun da na na na! Finally some good weather and 10/10 spectacular views. HWY 1, the coastal road is sooo worth the extra long time it took to get there. The 1 follows the coast, exceptionally closely I might add, all the way down to San Francisco. They must have had a lot of rain lately, as there were more than 10 different places where an entire 20m section of the highway had eroded and slipped into the ocean below and it became a oneway road! There were also sections of the highway where there was a foot or less between the white line marking the edge of the road and about a 100m drop straight down into the ocean – with no barriers or anything! It was pretty scary! We definitely took it slow driving around the crazy narrow corners.

It was an amazing drive though. Definitely a drive worth doing once in your life! There was a section just before we got to San Fran that was closed unfortunately, but on the detour we got to see a few different groups of seals (or maybe sea lions?) just chilling on the beach and playing in the water!!!

Back on the main highway now, we got to drive Audra across the Golden Gate Bridge, and it is a clear day! Minimal fog, so we got to appreciate the great views. We stopped at a really suspect maccas for some more of the free wifis, booked a hotel as quickly as we could and got out of there! Audra only just made it up the crazy San Francisco hilly roads, luckily we didn’t have to drive up too many of those! We crashed in our hotel and realised just how tired and smelly we are! :p Decided to rest and have a quiet afternoon in our hotel and prepare for a big day of walking and exploring the city tomorrow!

Devastating news, we are going to miss out on seeing an NBA game, we thought game 3 and 4 were in Oracle Arena…. They were in Utah. The next game in San Francisco is Wednesday, game 5, which may not even happen as Warriors are up 3-0, and we will be gone by then, plus even if we stop back in to SF on the way back up to Canada, round 3 or finals of the playoffs are way out of our budget! We always knew playoffs tickets were going to be expensive, and we had budgeted accordingly, but round 3 is almost double the price of round 2 and we can’t justify the money. Super duper sadface.

Watched game 3 on the tv, and had an early night. Maybe we can plan a weekend next NBA season to fly down from Canada and see a game before we eventually go home to Aus. This is the 3rd time I’ve been to the US and haven’t seen an NBA game! Ridiculous. Ahh well, we live and learn! Next time


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