Two grown up kids and a van – Day 8

Day 8 – Sunday 7th May 2017
San Francisco CA

Week 1 of our road trip gone already! Craaaazy. Today after a shower that was basically just a couple of drops of water trickling out of the shower head (but a shower none the less!) we went for a walk down to the waters edge to go be tourists. We stumbled across a park where there was some smooth jazz played live by probably 20 musicians. So smooth. Love it! We could have stood there and listened all day. 


We stumbled across The Exploratorium – another science centre that is completely interactive, there wasn’t an exhibit you can’t touch, and it was massive! 10/10 interesting, we only explored like half of it before they closed for the afternoon! 

We kept on walking until we got to Pier 39, famous for its sea lion friends who hang out on the pier! They were very active and really cool to watch jumping on each other and chasing away sea gulls trying to land on their pier. Hilarious. Probably my favourite spot in SF.

After walking probably 10-15kms around the city all day in the beautiful sunshine – yes, another clear sky and a warm day #winning we were pretty pooped, glad we had our hotel and comfy bed to sleep in for the night. Feeling grateful for some rare fog free days!!


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