Two grown up kids and a van – Day 9

Day 9 – Monday 8th May 2017
San Francisco CA to Carmel by the Sea CA

We have been blessed with another beautiful sunny blue sky for our last day in SF, amazing! We packed up our things from the hotel and drove to Golden Gate park to check out the California Science Centre. Really cool place, including the Steinhart aquarium (true story!) with some really cool fish and snakes, including a 14 ft anaconda and an albino alligator. It was cool to have a mix of sciencey type exhibits and animal exhibits in the same place, they had a full 3 story enclosed rainforest, the butterflies and moths kept trying to land on me and stow away, I wasn’t impressed haha #bugphobia.

Man it’s getting warm! Or maybe we’ve just been living in Canada in -15 for too long! :p next stop back to pier 39 for some lunch, a visit to the aquarium and a cruise through the harbour. At lunch we found some free wifi at the pier and learnt that my new niece had just been born! I couldn’t stop smiling, both my sister-in-law and baby Emerald doing well! #bestdayever for the first time I am now missing home a little and wish I could be there to meet her. For now I have instructed Dani to spam me with baby photos.

The aquarium was small, but the underwater tunnel to walk through had some interesting fish and some massive sharks, and there were river otters to look at so Tony was happy :p

20170508_153744The cruise was amazing, so glad we did that! We got to see the sea lions up close as we cruised out into the bay, went right under the Golden Gate bridge, saw wind surfers doing their thing and having fun playing in the waves, saw more sea lions swimming in the water, and got up close to Azkaban. I mean Alcatraz. 😉 It was such a great day and a great way to finish our time in San Francisco!

Next stop – The city of angels! We won’t make it quite there today. Stopped at a little town called Carmel by the sea, but at 2.30am a kind police officer nicely asked us to move our van down the road to a big shopping centre where they didn’t mind RVs and vans parking for the night. Oops! Back to sleep!

Ps loving the west coast sunsets ❤received_10212586146679301


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