Two grown up kids and a van – Day 11 & Day 12

Day 11 – Wednesday 10th May 2017 & Day 12 – Thursday 11th May 2017
6 Flags Magic Mountain CA

Roller coasters, roller coasters and more roller coasters! We got to go on some new rides including the new 3D roller coaster while wearing oculus headset and some I didn’t get to go on last time I was here such as Superman – zero to 100 miles (160kms) per hour in 3.5 seconds. Lets just say it’s quick! We had a great day, except for the occasional headache/dizziness, my body is letting me down when my mind wants to play. This getting old thing is real! :p Our next 2 days consisted of Six Flags all day and then arguing over who got to play Cities skylines first once we got back to the hotel :p pretty much the only thing we argue about haha

Again the lines were ridiculously short, the longest we waited was 15 minutes, but most rides we walked straight onto, and there were a few that we did twice in a row as there was no one waiting so we asked the attendant if we could stay on and go again!

Unless you want to hear a detailed description and pros and cons of all my favourite rides at Magic Mountain such as X2 which has seats that spin 360 degrees as you are going on loops and corkscrews, or Tatsu which suspends you underneath the track and feels like you are actually flying and also gets a 10/10 in the comfortable rollercoaster rating (I think I have missed my calling as a 6 Flags ambassador and/or rollercoaster thrill rating analyst) I will leave it short and sweet and remind you all to have a 6 flags day! 😀


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