Two grown up kids and a van – Day 13

Day 13 – Friday 12th May 2017
Santa Clarita CA to Moreno Valley CA

Bye 6 Flags, thanks for the thrills! Now off to be tourists at the Griffith Observatory, Hollywood walk of fame, Santa Monica pier and Venice Beach! Such an awesome day. I feel like I say that about every day, but everyday it is true! We are so lucky to have an opportunity like this and I am constantly grateful. Both of us often have these moments where we are like, what the, we are cruising around in America, and then going back to Canada for the summer, how did this happen, we are so lucky!  

We spent an hour or 2 at the Observatory and saw a show in the planetarium, very cool! Def recommend. Took a few touristy pics of the hollywood sign and of the hazy smoggy city #smoglife and then time for lunch in Hollywood! We stopped by my favourite store on Hollywood and Highland and bought a couple of silly shirts and a little pressie for Nug – he is going to love it! Cant tell you though, it’s a surprise :p

We walked through the craziness that is Hollywood, saw some hilarious street performers break dancing and tumbling, got harrassed for money, and saw some of the Walk of Fame Hollywood stars.

We had a quick look, didn’t bother spending too much time there though, Tony is 9/10 keen to get to muscle beach and play on rings and gym equipment at Venice Beach with all the cool kids.

We did a quick drive through of Santa Monica Pier, took a wrong turn and ended up driving down the pier and hastily made a U turn.

Every so often Tony sees a street or building from movies or games (hello GTA 5) and gets excited haha although not as excited as Venice Beach! Tony got to play on the rings and bars and made some friends who saw him doing muscle ups and wanted some advice! We ended up spending like two hours hanging by the beach chatting to these guys, one was 41 and was in amazing shape doing crazy calisthenics! Life lesson – age is just a number! Tony got to learn some new tricks off him as well! It was very cool.

In hindsight we should have stayed another night and played on the beach some more! Ahh well. We are on our way to Joshua Tree National Park. Stopped on the East side of LA as far away as we could get, seriously LA is massive, it wont let us leave!! Found a carpark to pull up in for the night. Flat ground, oh yeah! #fistpump


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