Two grown up kids and a van – Day 14

DAY 14 – Saturday 13th May 2017
Moreno Valley CA to Phoenix AZ
Today we drove through Joshua Tree National Park, and man, are we out in the middle of freaking nowhere! The desert is real. And its hot #sweaty it’s lucky Tony and I already like each other because I do not smell good haha neither does he so it’s ok 😉 we stop at the visitor centre to gtab some maps and learn there are some really cool rock formations that people go bouldering/climbing on. Unfortunately Pete’s crates of stuff from Aus has still not arrived in Canada (it’s been 6 months!) So we weren’t able to borrow his crashpad, so we couldn’t properly go bouldering without something soft to land on! We were hoping that we might be able to make friends with someone bouldering/climbing, but there weren’t many people there. 😦 not sure we would have survived any later or hotter in the summer time though!

But we still climbed to the top of some cool rocks, we were pretty high up! Awesome views.

It’s definitely time for some sunscreen! There was almost some excitement with Tony leaving his phone on the roof of the car, first lucky that no one stole it while we went for a walk/climb, and then lucky it didn’t fly off as we drove a couple of hundred meters down the road! We thank our lucky stars, phone back in the backpack, crisis averted!

We made a quick detour to go to a view point over looking the Coachella Valley. Hello Colorado Desert. And another stop so Tony could climb a rock shaped like a skull. Cool!

As we left Joshua Tree We realised we weren’t that far from Phoenix where Tony has a good friend. We were going to head north to the Grand Canyon, but change of plans, to the East! Phoenix, Arizona here we come. This is my favourite aspect of our trip! Random detours and spontaneous decisions certainly make life interesting! We caught an amazing sunset behind us on our drive towards nothing. It was the kind of road where every 40 minutes you might pass a car, and roads are so straight you can see their headlights coming at you for about 15 minutes before you pass each other.


 Joey and Abbey live in a suburb called Gilbert in a really nice house and they were generous enough to put us up for a couple of nights. We arrived quite late, so after a quick introduction for me, and a catch up for Tony, we crashed (in a comfy bed!) for the night.


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