Two grown up kids and a van – Day 15

DAY 15 – Sunday 14th May 2017

Phoenix AZ

After a wonderful nights sleep in Joey and Abbey’s spare bedroom we had a lazy morning before making plans to go for a drive. It is warm to say the least. Cracked 32 by 9am, I keep forgetting we are in the desert now :p we are lucky because this is apparently quite a pleasant spring day! Summer is just ridiculous out here! Joey and Abbey took us for a drive to Papago Park where we saw some cool little squirrel like creatures, and were soon warned of stepping on rattlesnakes! Unfortunately we didn’t see any! We went for a quick walk around, but soon retreated to the air conditioning of the car. Cactus! They are everywhere. And they are massive! 

We grabbed some lunch and Joey decided to take us on a hike to Camelback Mountain. The Echo Canyon Trail was rated difficult. Only 2.5 miles return but you are climbing 1300 feet in elevation! You know it’s steep when they put chains and rails to help you up. It was 35 degrees. There was little to no shade. It was steep. It was tough. Did I mention it was freaking hot. It was so worth. Amazing views of the city and surrounds. It seems odd to have such an extreme hike in the middle of a city! Bring water!!

We have visited just in time as they are moving to Ohio soon! We decided to stay another night and head to the Grand Canyon in the morning. We all went out to a lovely old school themed pizza restaurant, so much cheese! Especially for someone who is lactose intolerant :/ the pizza was delicious though, not including the “too much dairy stomach ache” after haha.
Phoenix is a massive town, very spread out instead of building up, so it takes forever to get anywhere, I really enjoyed our couple of days here, but I can see why people only live here for the mild winters and skip town for the summer!!


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