Two grown up kids and a van – Day 16

DAY 16 – Monday 15th May 2017
Phoenix AZ to Cameron AZ

We had a chill morning hanging out with Abbey, who by the way, has the coolest mug collection (hello Disney and Sonic) and likes Disney as much as I do haha if we lived in the same city I think a glorious friendship would have started! We set off on the road again about midday, after doubling back to sneakily get them a little gift as a thankyou for their generosity, we are finally on our way. It is only now that we are in the desert do we realise that Audra’s AC is definitely not working #sweaty.


It was a reasonably long drive before we finally pulled up in the South Rim Grand Canyon parking lot and went for a walk to experience the breathtaking sight of this world wonder. As soon as we reached Flagstaff the temperature dropped and as our elevation increased by the time we got to the Canyon it was really quite chilly! Back to the winter jacket lol.

It was just as I remembered it. Something you really do have to go see to appreciate the epic size of. I know it’s called the Grand Canyon and everything, but I don’t think anyone ever expects it to be quite THIS big! Breathtaking. Magnificent. Damn nature, you pretty. We went for a walk around, took some silly photos, and stared down into the canyon along with hundreds of other people. We were lucky enough to see the sunset over the canyon before continuing North East.

We pulled up at a truckstop in a little town called Cameron and found some other RV/sleeping van friends to park near for the night. Officially on our way back North to Canada, still a few more exciting stops along the way!


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