Two grown up kids and a van – Day 17


DAY 17 – Tuesday 16th May 2017

Cameron AZ to Salt Lake City UT

For some reason we both struggled to get to sleep last night, constantly waking up, restless, couldn’t get back to sleep. The van wasn’t even on a slope or hill either! Weird. We decided we needed a proper bed tonight to hopefully get a good nights sleep, so we booked a hotel south of Salt Lake City. Big drive today! 700kms roughly, with amazing countryside, crazy mountains, tiny little run down towns, as usual we took the scenic route and drove via a really cool bridge as well.

Once we got to the I-15 the roads were flat, the mountains were high, and the speed limit was 80 miles per hour (roughly 130kms) almost fast enough to time travel travel, unfortunately Audra doesn’t have a flux capacitor 😅😅😅 never seen speed limits this fast before, and crazy people still massively speeding and tailgating. People be acting cray cray. We aren’t in a hurry, so even when driving through cities the traffic doesn’t bother us. It’s 10/10 nice to have nowhere to be, and no schedule to follow, just the two of us!


We pulled over to a gas station for a bathroom break and refuel, when one of the attendants commented our front right tyre was looking a little low. He offered to check it out for us at the tyre centre next door, we were a little skeptical, I tend to dislike mechanics in general, in my experience it has been hard to find someone who isn’t sleazy, sneaky and untrustworthy, just trying to scam you into spending money (no offense to all the honest and lovely mechanics out there, please tell me where to find you!) Although, we did find some lovely mechanics at Jiffylube (I’m not making these names up I swear) Moreno Valley CA who gave Audra an oil change and a vacuum and quick clean for us. Really friendly Mexican guys and reasonable prices also. In this case we already knew we were in need of some new tyres, but we were hoping our current winter tyres would make it through the summer. Not this time. Audra got some new shoes (aka 2 new front tyres) especially doing 80 miles on the highway, it would have been less than ideal if we blew out a tyre on the road!


The place we booked was actually really fancy, we happened to get a nice room with a proper kitchen oven/stove etc and super comfy lazy boy recliner for a good price. As usual we argued who got to play cities skylines first haha such a good game #obsessed.


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