Two grown up kids and a van – Day 18

DAY 18 – Wednesday 17th May 2017

Salt Lake City UT to Idaho Falls ID

After driving around the block a couple of times with Google maps giving us troll directions, insisting we do U-turns instead of just turning left into the correct street, what the? We finally got some breakfast! We decided to explore Salt Lake City some more, we went for a short hike up to Ensign Peak which offered an amazing view of the city.

It’s crazy how much snow is still around, on the ground, roofs, it has definitely snowed recently, I had no idea it still snowed this late in the year! We also drove out to Antelope Island State Park to get a good view of the Great Salt Lake. It started off a bit rainy, but cleared up to a beautiful sunny day again. The scenery was amazing, the lake is unbelievably massive, and so salty that there isn’t a lot of wild life, the only thing that is capable of life is algae and a type of shrimp that the birds eat, also, so many, many, many birds, the lake looked like a sea of black dots there were that many! There were also Bison which we saw a couple of. Tony also ate a bison burger for lunch lol. Very similar to beef, just a slightly different after taste.

After touring the island for a couple of hours we headed north on our way to Yellowstone National Park. It was a little rainy before, but now we are heading into a pretty ominous storm again, and the temperature has dropped a ridiculous amount, IT IS SNOWING! The vast differences this country has to offer is pretty incredible! Sweating bullets 700kms south in phoenix, still snowing in Utah. I believe travelling (and life) is all about experiencing these very differences.

We made it to a town called Idaho Falls, where we will chill for the night, ninja-ing some more free wifi and watch some more Dexter. Not the most ideal show to watch in the dark… outside… in a strange town… Talk about suspenseful! :/ #nightmares


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