Two grown up kids and a van – Day 20

DAY 20 – Friday 19th May 2017

Livingston MT to Allentown MT

After a quick starbucks/wifi stop and a spontaneous trip to a games store where I bought Nug and I a matching silly tshirt #twins we booked some accomodation not too far away and off we go for our second last day in the US. Only a little bit of driving today got us to a little lodge called the Ninepipes Lodge in Allentown, Montana, we had a few US dollars on our card, so may as well spend them on our last night in the States! This place was quite nice, we got a great deal on our massive room, early check in, late checkout, and we got to spoil ourselves with a fantastic lake and mountain view. Montana scenery is very similar to Canada, and so it should be, we aren’t too far from Golden right now, will cross the border into Canada tomorrow.



I did some yoga, got my zen on, so good to stretch and exercise and work off the McDonalds belly! :/ We had a nice dinner at the lodge and bought some silly fruity cocktails and watched the cavs destroy the celtics in game 2 of Eastern Conference to celebrate our last night. Off to Glacier National Park tomorrow before back to Canadia land!



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