Two grown up kids and a van – Day 21

DAY 21 – Saturday 20th May 2017

Allentown MT to Golden BC

What a beautiful day! I got to do some more yoga, I also served Tony breakfast in bed #bestgirlfriendever and sat outside on our little porch on a rocking chair overlooking the lake and mountains in the sunshine while I catch up on writing this blog! Today was a good day! Late checkouts are the best, so great to not have to rush.

We checked out at 1pm and made a quick detour via Glacier National Park. Again a lot of roads were still closed so we couldn’t drive too far, apparently the snow was so deep at one of the visitor centres only the top of the roof was visible! We drove as far as we could around the lake until the road closures, and went for a quick walk near the river. So beautiful! Saw lots of deer just chilling and walking around through campsites and down the river bank. The colour of the river is just spectacular, some parts are crystal clear, others a beautiful torquoise just screaming at you to jump in, the temperature however quickly makes you want to abandon that idea! Glacier water is not warm! Duh.

We stopped like tourists to look at the waterfalls and scenic spots, took a detour down a dirt road and saw a massive black bear! He (or she?) was a lot further away than the grizzly bears we saw at Yellowstone, this black bear was about 40-50m away, but still exciting none the less.

Back on the road North! Just before we reached Canada we realised we should have bought a whole bunch of cheap stuff ie alcohol while in the US! We found a dodgy looking duty free store right at the border and bought a 1.14l Canadian Club for $17! #winning

The border customs guy looked at us dodgily and asked us a billion cranky questions, but I guess that’s his job, but now we are back in Canada! Decided to drive back to Golden tonight as it’s only a couple of hours away, and crash at Nug’s basement suite that he’s renting while we find our own place. We were imagining crashing on the couch/fold out bed but the couple he’s renting off offered us their spare guest room for a couple of days! We are blessed with knowing so many generous people!

We are back a little earlier than expected, but it didn’t feel rushed, it is hard to anticipate how long you will want to stay in one place and how busy you want your day to be with sight seeing etc. But I think we have done the West Coast justice.

21 days. 7602kms driven. 1 Province and 8 States – British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana. Two grownups. One van. One amazing adventure.

Thanks America and thanks for reading! Until next time, peace, love and kindness to you all xx


❤ KT


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