The Amazing Race: Mystery Road Trip Edition

So, have you ever wanted to go on an adventurous, exciting holiday without the hassle and stress of planning it? Well, prepare to get super excited (read: jealous) because not only has our boss planned a 3 week road trip, complete with budget, destinations, activities, and the best sightseeing spots, she has turned it into a game for us, including challenges along the way, and the best part, did I mention it’s a surprise. Today, the day before we leave, I currently hold in my hands 20 envelopes, each containing a destination and a daily challenge, should we choose to accept it (hell yes we accept challenges!). 

It started with simple conversations of cool places to visit and gathering ideas for our holidays between winter and summer seasonal work, somehow it turned into our (amazing) boss Jenn being our personal travel guide sharing her wealth of information, and then her spending hours, if not weeks (excitedly) planning and writing out a mystery road trip for us. If you think you have the best boss ever, you are sadly mistaken. Hello, she covered for me so I could take a 2 hour break (at 9.30am) so I could ride one more powder day last week! This trip is probably the coolest thing anyone has ever done for me. Words cannot even describe how grateful we are right now. Did I mention she also lent us half her camping gear. Somehow, describing our boss as legendary just doesn’t seem like enough! (Did I mention winter was amaaaaaaaaaazing?!)

So far all I know is that we are road tripping through BC, Yukon and Vancouver Island, and in 20 days back to Golden, the rest… who knows! It kind of feels like we are about to go on The Amazing Race or something. I used to love that show when I was a kid. Someone gives you a card with where to go and an activity or challenge to complete, does a holiday get any cooler than that?!?!

Stay tuned and you will find out!


❤ KT



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