Mystery Road Trip – Day One

DAY ONE – Wednesday 18th April 2018

Golden BC to Jasper AB

I am happy to report today has been nothing but a success! But then again, how could anything go wrong when we have every tiny detail put in front of us! :p

After a lovely breakfast with good friends, and a sad goodbye to our roommates who are off for the own adventure, we filled up the tank, put on the obvious choice for a road trip song (I would walk 500 miles) and heigh ho silver away we go!

Challenge one has started off nice and easy – we had a list of “must see” lakes, glaciers and waterfalls along the Icefields Parkway and we needed to take a cheesy touristy picture at every one!

Bow Lake

Peyto Lake – This was as close as we could get to Peyto Lake lol so many snows

Misteya Canyon

Athabasca Glacier


Tangle Falls

Sunwapta Falls


Athabasca Falls

Horseshoe Lake


I think our favourite was Athabasca Glacier. So impressive! I have seen it before and it is still unbelievably breath taking.

Success! We may have missed the very last stop (totally not our fault as it’s unmarked, and one entrance was completely snowed in :p) so after a quick 20 min backtrack once we finally had reception to Google things again, challenge one down! We even trampled through a snowy, slushy track and risked puddles, knee deep snow and soggy feet for the bonus point of finding the boulder you can walk through lol worth.

Challenge two was finding a specific geo cache, if you’ve never heard of this, basically people in all corners of the world hide tiny objects for you to find and write your name on and there is a website which has coordinates and hints to find them! So, basically a massive world wide treasure hunt!

Thanks to my brilliant observational skills (and Google maps) challenge two = completed!

We found our campsite for the night, Wapiti winter campground, got a fire roaring and heated up some delicious leftovers, the chilli ginger noodle bowl that we scored courtesy of Nug and eleven22 and settled in for the night. In another stroke of genius I remembered the marshmellows, (yessss!) so far the only thing we have forgotten is the tacky touristy outfits i.e. a fanny pack and binoculars. I’m thinking a trip to the local thrift store might be in order tomorrow!

Hopefully I have packed enough warm clothes, believe it or not, it is very difficult to pack for a trip when you don’t know where you are going! Lol

Brrrr it is freezing. Happy spring time Canada.

❤ KT


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