Mystery Road Trip – Day Two

DAY TWO – Thursday 19th April 2018

Jasper AB


A day to chill and explore! We went for a short drive to Pyramid Island where Jenn and Shaun got married (awww) and completed today’s challenge. More selfies and geocaching! This geocache was really cool, stones aren’t always stones! Sometimes if you flip them over, they are hollow and have a secret inside! It makes me wonder how much have I missed in this life!!!

Pyramid Islandreceived_10215423784378470

If you haven’t geocached before, you definitely need to start, it is the coolest real life game ever lol we actually spent all afternoon running around the town of Jasper (looking like crazy people I’m sure) but we found all of them! Geocaching is actually an excellent way to explore a city and learn a bit along the way too! Expect to hear a lot more about it throughout this trip, we are a bit obsessed now, sorry not sorry.


We also tried to hike down into Maligne Canyon, but it was complete ice. We held onto the rail and slid/skated/slipped down part of the footpath, but decided to do the short loop around the canyon, because honestly 7kms of that sounded awful lol. Fun fact, I forgot that I came here in 2011 with my brother Pete! :p It was a little different that year and we managed to do the full hike, too much snow/ice this year 😦


A quick snack at the Bear’s Paw Bakery, according to Jenn, a must see in town, (and she wasn’t wrong!) and a necessary sleeping bag upgrade, omg it was freeezing last night, and we are only heading further north (I assume?) so this was probably one of our warmer nights in the van and it felt like we were going to die lol two new flashy sleeping bags later and I hope this does the trick!

Our other challenge for today was to find “Jasper the Bear” and ask a stranger to take a photo of us hugging  (the bear, not the stranger!!)

received_10215423782938434 We saw Rock’s new movie Rampage, not that great, but silly and funny action comedy film passed the time until bed time.

Time to test out the new sleeping bags, think warm thoughts and wish us luck!


❤ KT



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