Mystery Road Trip – Day Three

DAY THREE – Friday 20th April 2018

Jasper AB to Dawson Creek BC

After a cozy warm night, we treated ourselves to a delicious breakfast in Jasper before hitting the road again for a big day of driving. Highlights of today include, but not limited to: Sand dunes, dinosaurs, Disney tunes, a retro diner, diving and mile ‘0’ of the Alaska Highway!

Today’s challenge: find a giant beaver!

I believe our favourite random stop of the day was the Dinosaur Museum we stumbled upon near Grand Prarie. They had a lab with massive real fossils on display, tons of cool information, and seriously…. Dinosaurs! Need I say anymore! If you are in the area it is well worth the visit.

Real dinosaurs!!

Also, the Grand Cache information centre had some cool stuff on display and staff were really friendly! Some dinosaur fossils and info on local animals, grizzly bears, moose it was a good little rest stop.

Dinner consisted of burgers, fries and coke served in glass bottles in a 50s themed train car called Stuie’s Diner. We played Tom Jones on the duke box, giggled to ourselves, and wished we had dressed up retro style to come here lol

We found an aquatic centre and soaked in the hot tub and Tony got to play and practice his flips on the 1m diving board. Mr shy guy wouldn’t let me take photos of him 😦 We pretty much hung out here all evening, took advantage of the showers and found our trusty friend Walmart to park and call home for the night.

Now to open up day 4 and find out where tomorrow’s adventure will take us!

❤ KT



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