Mystery Road Trip – Day Four

DAY FOUR Saturday 21st April 2018

Dawson’s Creek BC to Fort Nelson BC

Another decent day of driving, this time we are following the Alaska Highway! A beautiful drive, awesome scenery, some wicked steep sections that I can’t imagine driving in the winter time (icy, steep roads = scary!) Some ridiculous straight sections that go on until the end of time, but mostly a nice scenic drive, great views, but no animals! We saw about 10 moose signs – no moose, dammit! But it is cool to say we have driven at least part of this famous highway 🙂 Also, drove through areas where the forest fires were last year and got a glimpse of how bad it was. No wonder there was so much smoke last summer!!

Found a sasquatch for Jenn


Our geocache challenge was a bit of a fail today, we spent awhile searching before we realised there were comments saying this cache has been disabled after a number of people couldn’t find it lol

Our evening was also a bit of a fail too, the heritage museum is closed until mid May, the aquatic centre and climbing gym closes at 6pm, which we didn’t realise until 5.57pm, so looks like the cinema it is! At $8 for an adult ticket, and $4 for popcorn, this is definitely an affordable saturday night road trip activity! A cute, tiny little theatre, (smaller than Golden’s Cinema!) with just the one choice of movie playing, Tomb Raider it is!

We found a cozy spot on the side of the road near our trusty Tim Hortons to spend the night and cracked open Day 5 to see what adventures await us tomorrow!

❤ KT



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