Mystery Road Trip – Day Five

DAY FIVE – Sunday 22nd April 2018

Fort Nelson BC to Liard Hot Springs BC

So, in uppercase, highlighted and underscored we were warned to gas up before leaving town or it may be the last thing we do lol thanks for the warning Jenn!

Challenge: The highest point on the Alaskan Hwy 4249 ft!


After fueling up the car, and coffee-ing up myself we hit the road, continuing on the Alaska Highway on our way to some of the coolest (and by cool, I mean awesome) hot springs ever! There were some man made steps leading into the springs, but other than that it was all completely natural, not just the pool type ones in Banff and Radium etc. There were 2 parts of the pool ranging from 30 to 45 degrees, and a short boardwalk to get there where the signs warned us, alledgedly, that moose and grizzly bears frequent the area. Instead, we encountered ducks, geese and squirrels lol.

We soaked in the springs for awhile, and then failed at lighting a fire with soggy wet wood that we tried to scrounge up, lol, then pulled out the trusty gas stove to cook up a quick chicken veggie stiryfry for dinner before jumping back in the hot springs!

Met some interesting people and had some interesting chats! Some were really lovely people making their way up to Alaska for travel or work, some were slightly more crazy, one man announced he was a “flat earther” and didn’t believe in gravity… Tony and I slowly shuffled away from him lol regardless of what you believe (side note: the Earth is round people!) Is this really the time or place to discuss it?! It started out a friendly conversation but quickly turned into him talking like a crazy person at us instead of a mutual chat, (he also insisted that he feeds bears and they aren’t dangerous at all, Umm what!), we came here to relax, not debate useless topics! We did meet a lovely family from Arizona, that sold up their business to work in Alaska with their four kids for the summer and then basically travel around in the RV until they found somewhere they wanted to live again! I admire people who make bold moves and life changes like that!

There was another wise old man with a magnificent beard that shared some of his wisdom that resonated with both of us.

Have less, do more.

Best life motto I’ve ever heard, and one we have certainly become accustomed to over the last year and a half of living the simple Canadian life.

Everyone loves the idea of the mystery road trip so far! Our story of opening up an envelope each day to tell us where to go has been quite the hit! Did we say thank you enough yet Jenn?!?!



❤ KT


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