Mystery Road Trip – Day Seven

DAY SEVEN – Tuesday 24th April 2018

Watson Lake YT to Whitehorse YT

Ahhh it feels good to have a whole room to walk around and stretch out instead of the cozy van!

Went back to the Sign Post Forest to look for the geocache we forgot about yesterday. Tony worked hard for this one, he sacrificed his nice dry, warm toes stepping through snow that was coming up to his knees to search for it! Great news, we found it!

Today was an interesting drive, we went from sunshine to driving through a blizzard, so much snow!! Lucky we still have our winter tires on lol and then back to the never ending sunshine again. I keep forgetting how far north we are, the sun doesn’t set until like 10.45pm!

So, it seems this rest stop, and our challenge for today is not possible on account of so much freaking snow!!


We also got to play the dodge the pot hole game, although pot hole feels like an understatement, a small crater would be a better description! The roads are so bad! Every few hundred meters having to swerve, dodge or slow down, not ideal when it’s snowing! Made it in one piece with all four tires intact lol although there were still crazy people overtaking and sending it straight past us!

As usual we bee lined it to the aquatic centre for a hot tub, but found this amazing sports centre instead, and for $8 each I did a yoga class while Tony had a good workout at the gym, then we chilled in the hot tub, watched an extremely enthusiastic life guard/personal trainer run an aqua fit class in the pool next to us, then Tony convinced the life guard to open up the diving board, more flips! Just as we were leaving Tony spotted some guys playing touch rugby on one of the indoor fields and he decided to make friends with them and join in! He had a blast! This place is awesome!

Next stop bed time! Walmart parking lots are the best lol so many RVs here too. On budget today haha. Opened up Day Eight, Jenn is sending us back to Watson Lake, whaaaat! Where are we off to now lol. There were a few challenges here in Whitehorse, but they are tomorrow’s challenges now, nighty night!


❤ KT



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