Mystery Road Trip – Day Eight

DAY EIGHT – Wednesday 25th April 2018

Whitehorse YT to Jade City BC via Carcross YT

Gas, Timmy’s, groceries and we are off to find yesterday’s Whitehorse challenges!

Chellenges complete: Whitehorse Horse, SS Klondike Steamboat and the Yukon river

Hmm not looking forward to driving the McBumpy pothole dodgem highway again, but here goes! The first section was quite nice to the tiny town of Carcross (approx 300 people) unfortunately the Carcross villave trading post was closed so we missed out on seeing the husky puppies and other animals. 10/10 devastated. The Carcross desert made up for it. Slightly.

What’s that you say, Canada doesn’t have sandy deserts?!? Well you would be wrong, haha the Carcross Desert is the smallest desert in the world and is lined with beautiful soft sand, a layer of icy snow melt, and snowy capped mountains in the back ground to make it even more magical.

We did some geocaching in the actual town of Carcross, but again everything is closed for the season still. A week too early it seems!

The detour via Carcross eventually joined us back up to the Alaska Highway, aka pothole city.

Side note: we found the coolest km marker ever! Shoutout to all the cool cats at eleven22 you guys rock


We have been warned there is a long drive tomorrow, so we had a sneak peak at Day nine and decided to get started on the drive now, as The Northern Lights Centre in Watson Lake is still closed until the May long weekend unfortunately :/

Finally found a “Welcome to Yukon” sign as we were leaving, stopped for a photo, and I made a foolish decision to try climb up a snowy hill to get a pic next to the sign. I made it about three steps before sinking six inches through into icy water. With one extremely soggy boot and wet socks, I ran back to the car and quickly took my shoes off to dry. Somehow Tony convinced me that since my shoes/toes were already wet I may as well run up there bare feet now…. It made sense at the time!


Omg I couldn’t feel my toes for five minutes! Cranked the heater on hot and we are good to go again.

We decided to try to get to Jade City, as it’s only two hours away, and it’s light until like 10pm out here. We took the 37 highway South, a beautiful drive by the way, and found a rest stop to cook up some dinner. I made us sausage sandwiches while Tony was singing and dancing and scaring away any potential bears who could smell our food! Everyone knows never to stand in the way of a Steinhardt and their food 😆😆

Just as we started to get close to Jade City and dusk was settling in for the night, we came round a corner and saw a startled moose jumping off the road out of our way! BEST. DAY. EVER. Do you know how long I have waited for this day?!?!?! Seven years. Ever since I was in Canada the first time around and travelling the country with my older brother Pete, I have been desperately hoping to see this mythical creature. Today my Canadian life is complete!! I’m now ready to come home lol. The only downside is the photo I tried to take looks about as blurry and high quality as someone claiming to have seen Bigfoot. But I swear it was there!!! We were just too excited and in awe to pull out the camera quick enough.


Tony and I high fived and kept driving to Jade City, our home for the evening.

Looking forward to checking out the gift store and saying hi to the 26 locals who live here tomorrow!


❤ KT



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