Mystery Road Trip – Day Nine

DAY NINE – Thursday 26th April 2018

Jade City BC to Stewart BC

So there was definitely some liberties taken with the name Jade “City”. About 90% of the world’s jade is found here, and home to about 30 people lol.

There is a free carpark for RVs overnight, free coffee in the gift store and the owners were 10/10 lovely, Tony aka chatty Kathy had a great old time talking away. Some of the carvings and jade pieces were ahmaaaaazing. We bought a few small pressies, found the soggy geocache and away we go for the day

We continued along the highway 37 South and followed 37A to Stewart, a tiny little town that borders Alaska.

So many beautiful drives

Bears! Not any good photos, but saw three black bears over the course of the day! Sometimes we forget where we are, and then randomly there is a huge bear on the side of the road. Oh yeah, we’re in Canada lol #thatbearbooty #juicy

We had to stop about half way there, as there was a team doing avalanche control, heli bombing away! We were told it could be an hour or more, so we pulled over and whipped out the chairs and the stove, and made a ham sandwich and a hot choccy to enjoy in the sunshine! (omg yay sunshine!)


We stayed at the Bear River RV park, they were doing renovations to their bathroom, so it was a bit of a mess, but the owners were so friendly we couldn’t complain.


❤ KT


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