Mystery Road Trip – Day Eleven

DAY ELEVEN – Saturday 28th April 2018

Smithers BC to Prince George BC

Since we were already a bit ahead of time, we enjoyed a glorious sleep in and cooked up a feast of ham and eggs for breakky.

We made our way further south on highway 37 before turning east onto highway 16 towards the town of Prince George. Our challenges today are go to “Escape Exit” escape rooms. Let’s just say we didn’t have a great time, we weren’t explained the rules/objectives very well and hence misunderstood and wasted too much time and ended up failing the room. Sadface.

We got Timmy’s hot chocolate to ease our sorrow (and anger) and ended up checking out the theatre. Saw the new Avengers movie. REALLY GOOD!!! No spoilers lol will leave it at that.

Spent too much money today, so our budget friendly Walmart it is lol. We found our other RV friends up the back of the parking lot and settled in for the night.


❤ KT



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