Mystery Road Trip – Day Ten

DAY TEN – Friday 27th April 2018

Stewart BC to Smithers BC via Hyder ALASKA

Just a short ten minute drive to the easiest US border crossing you will find. In fact, there is no US border security at all! We parked our car and walked straight on in, no ESTA visa, not even a flash of the ol passport. Great news!

We walked through this old ghost town of Hyder, all one street of it lol there was a pub called the Glacier Inn, a gift store, a couple of houses and plenty of run down old buildings.

Straddle the Canadian/American border



We walked to the end of the street which led us to the ocean! Well, not really, just an inlet, we are still very far inland, but I can smell that fresh salty ocean smell in the air! The view was spectacular, there were little harbour seals (sea lions?) playing in the water and the sun was warm enough to warrant not wearing a sweater! What a great day! We stopped at the gift shop and had a chat with the interesting lady who owns and lives above the store – hot tip: THE FRESHLY MADE FUDGE IS DELICIOUS! Ask her for a sample!

We also picked out a silly post card to send to Jenn, one of our challenges for the day, our second challenge – to get “hyderized” a ridiculously strong shot of 150 proof vodka like alcohol. I took one for the team and got “hyderized”, I’ll just throw it out there that I don’t drink too much these days, so this was extra intense! It took about ten minutes for me to get instantly drunk. Giggly, loud, tipsy Katie took over and ran around the town looking for caches. Oops. Quickly, back to Canada before they don’t let me back in!


Getting “hyderized”

Instead of drinking more water and washing down the alcohol, we decided to embrace the day drinking, well I did at least! Tony was keen to keep moving, (seriously, this guy can’t sit still and relax!) So instead of staying the night in Stewart again, he drove while I cracked open some delicious sweet Palm Bays and sat back in the passenger seat haha

It kind of feels like cheating, like we are skipping a day, but we decided to get a head start on day eleven of our journey to Smithers BC!

We found the cute cabins that Jenn recommended just outside of Smithers and found our home for the night.

Side note: this cabin has the exact same 40 year old plates/bowls set that my parents have back home in Australia. So weird!! Feels like home though. It is just big enough for a bed, couch, tv, full kitchen and bathroom. We could definitely live in something like this in real life!

❤ KT



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