Mystery Road Trip – Day Thirteen

DAY THIRTEEN – Monday 30th April 2018

Lillooet BC to Porteau Provincial Park BC


I love taking the ol scenic route! What another incredible drive! It felt very similar to driving through redwoods on the california coast! The beautiful trees, the creek flowing past. Loved every second!

We are a little bit ahead of schedule, which means we didn’t have to get up as early, but still had plenty of time to stop in at Whistler village and do some adulting, including (spoiler!) booking our ferry ticket for tomorrow to Vancouver Island. I have to say I’m not a huge fan of Whistler though, (you have to pay for parking, (what the?!) Way too touristy for me, so not interested, although it did look beautiful, but just not the same atmosphere as what we are used to! Tony found a climbing gym to go for a quick bouldering session, and then away we go.

Ocean!! It looks magnificent! And the fresh sea air has never smelt better! We found one of the RV parks Jenn suggested Porteau Provincial Park, and got a fire roaring, heated up some dinner and watched the sunset go down as sea lions played and poked their heads out of the water next to us.

A good book, a hot choccy, a fire and some awesome nature to stare at, can’t ask for much more in this life!


This camp ground was a little expensive, but it is close to the Ferry for tomorrow, and had an amazing ocean view, I would still stay here again!


So excited for the Island tomorrow!




❤ KT



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