Mystery Road Trip – Day Fourteen

DAY FOURTEEN – Tuesday 1st May 2018

Porteau Provincial Park BC to Comox BC


Back on track with our schedule now lol google maps trolled us with directions to the Horseshoe Bay Terminal, but after going around in circles a couple of times we eventually made it there, luckily we left early!

Another beautiful day in BC, I feel like we have been so lucky with the weather, and extremely unlucky with things being open lol

The ferry ride was beautiful but uneventful. No animals. We arrived in Nanaimo shortly after and continued driving up to Parksville where we enjoyed lunch by the beach, and a frivolous afternoon of mini golf at the Paradise Fun Park!

Amazing place, highly recommend!

Super cheap, but quality mini golf courses. So much fun!

Next stop geocaching! This place was awesome, we could see and hear so many sea lions. NATURE! It took us awhile to find this cache, super sneaky! But the view was worth.


We stopped at Qualicum Beach for an ice cream. I didn’t expect them to have dairy free ice cream, but I almost cried when they had no sorbet either! We tried to go for a walk, but I was sulking and glaring at Tony and cursing his ability to eat lactose so much that we decided to find a better ice cream store! A few kilometers ahead there was another dairy store, and, great news, they had the most delicious strawberry sorbet! We sat in the sun, stared at the ocean and praised this fabulous little ice cream store for catering to people with dairy intolerances like me!

Found a neat little campground at Kin Beach Provincial Park in Comox. $20 for the night, including a bundle of firewood! Great value indeed! The only downside was no showers lol. Oh well!

We cooked up a glorious pair of burgers and ate like kings and queens!


❤ KT



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