Mystery Road Trip – Day Fifteen

DAY FIFTEEN – Wednesday 2nd May 2018

Comox BC and Campbell River BC


What a busy day! Tony begrudingly cooked me eggs for brekky before heading off on today’s adventures! 😛 First stop the Comox Airforce Museum that Jenn recommended! Interesting place, lots of history, we accidentally spent a couple of hours here wandering around and reading all the signs. Entry by donation, cool place!

Next up was the Courtenay Museum with it’s paleontology exhibits! Yesssss we love dinosaurs haha


Very small, we walked around here in like less than half an hour, but also entry by donation, so that made it okay. Side note, I voted to make the Elasmosaur the official dinosaur of Vancouver Island!

Next stop we are deviating from Jenn’s itinerary to go visit an abandoned ski hill that the owners of Kin Beach campsite recommended to us. It is called Forbidden Plateau, it was a ski hill that operated from about 1959 to 1999 when a massive snowfall collapsed the roof of their daylodge. It closed from that day on and eventually became abandoned. The daylodge building was finally cleared and removed last year, bummer! It looks like they are in the process of clearing the other buildings and tearing down the cables, poles and chairlifts as well. We looked up pics and it would have been awesome to see. There is drone footage online that you should definitely look up though if you want to see more. Apparently up the top there are still chairlifts hanging and everything.

We tried to hike up, but overgrown trees and snow stopped us in our tracks. Also, I was only 90% sure we weren’t going to get eaten by bears or wolves. We watched the movie Frozen not long ago, not the fun Disney version, the b grade terribly made film of a group of friends getting stuck on a chairlift after hours on a tiny ski hill that was full of wolves and only open during the week. You bet two out of three of them got eaten by wolves, let’s just say this abandoned hill looked very similar! I prefer the Disney version!! I’m sure it was just snow melt falling off branches in the sun, but there were so many eerie noises and we could see bear tracks in the snow, it was freaking me out haha.

Cool. But scary. I don’t do scary very well haha, we took some sweet photos and ran back to the car lol

Next on our list is Campbell River! We came here last September with Tony’s mum and stepdad, it isn’t that far though, so may as well stop in for another visit! It is a beautiful place! We walked around Elk Falls and saw the suspension bridge, and even did some geocaching! A bit more water running over the falls than last time we were here! 

Challenge for today was to go the Discovery Fishing Pier and get an icecream “I don’t care if it’s cold! Sissy’s!” lol but as per usual, it was closed. The website even says it’s open, and there was a sign that read: see you in May! It’s May already dammit, I want icecream, well, sorbet, but same difference! Sigh. I guess we are sissy’s after all lol.


We found the 50th parallel marker in Campbell River and now on our way back to Comox. A trip to the aquatic centre for a shower and a hot tub and then back to our campground for the night.



❤ KT



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