Mystery Road Trip – Day Seventeen

DAY SEVENTEEN – Friday 4th May 2018

Tofino BC and Ucluelet BC

It was raining in the morning, so we decided to sleep in and take our time getting ready for the day. We found breakfast at Barkley Cafe, delicious food, although their coffee was super strong, a bit much for my liking, and when the rain eased decided to pack our bag with snacks and go for a stroll around to the Amphitrite Lighthouse. This is the kind of place you want to just hang out at all day and watch for ocean wildlife. The loop is a couple of kilometers, an easy walk, but there are park benches every hundred meters or so to sit and enjoy this amazing west coast.

We were sitting and munching away on my gigantic bag of chips for awhile when I spotted a dorsal fin popping out of the water! Exciting!! Is it a dolphin, is it a whale?! Actually it is a porpoise! A gentleman kindly lent us his binoculars and we could see seals/sea lions playing and rolling around in the water also! Yes! Challenge complete.

We decided to go on an adventure and go scramble and climb around on the rocks to get closer to the ocean, fun! The rocks were dry and really grippy, and still far enough away from the ocean to be safe! Don’t worry mum 😉

The rain held off and next stop Tacofino! Oh. My. God. So good. An old food truck up the back of a parking lot, a really cool vibe, these guys know how to make a burrito! You must go here lol.


As if our day could get any better, we also stopped in at Chocolate Tofino, as usual I half heartedly asked if there were any dairy free options, expecting maybe some sorbet, turns out this is my favourite place in the entire history of ever! Their sorbet is amazing, but even better, they had dairy free chocolate coconut ice cream!!!! Best. Day. Everrrrrr. I was like a kid on christmas morning. This never happens lol. I have tried a lot of dairy free ice creams. Hands down this was the best. All their products are made in house as well. Safe to say we will be stopping by here tomorrow again lol


We stayed at the Ucluelet campsite, cheaper than most other rv parks, we had a really beautiful spot by the water, and ahmaaazing showers. I did not want to get out! Sorry not sorry.


We made fire! I did some yoga on the grass and then watched some Parks and Rec on my tablet before bedtime.


❤ KT


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