Mystery Road Trip – Day Sixteen

DAY SIXTEEN – Thursday 3rd May 2018

Comox BC to Ucluelet BC

We decided to book a hotel room in Ucluelet, way cheaper than Tofino, and we wanted to do the Amphitrite Lighthouse walk in “Ukee” as the locals call it anyway, and I desperately needed to wash my hair, a real shower was 100% necessary lol.

Once again we ignored TLC’s advice and enjoyed a walk through a beautiful forest and found Englishman Falls.

As is our luck with this trip, the “goats on the roof” markets at Coombs, were just “nothing but grass on the roof” markets. Dammit where are the goats! 😦


I loved the massive fir trees in Cathedral Grove just before Port Alberni! Could stare at these kinds of forest all day! I feel like majestic is the only way to describe it lol we went for a quick walk here to stretch our legs.

We grabbed some supplies from save on foods and sat outside the closed Port Alberni Maritime Discovery Centre and ate a delicious lunch consisting of some cheese, ham, salami and tomato on crackers. Oh man what I would do for a pack of vitaweets right now haha Canadian crackers are gross, well at least the ones we tried today are lol

I love the drive from Port Alberni to the west coast, beautiful rivers and winding roads that would be awesome to zip through in a little car, not quite the same in our van lol but we saw a black bear! We didn’t want to start a “bear jam” (a traffic jam caused by people stopping to look at bears on the side of the road) so only took pictures with my eyes.

We found the West Coast Motel quickly, it had really great reviews, and lived up to them! A small room, but clean, nice, comfy, a decent shower and very affordable too! Can’t complain at all 🙂

Our motel had a gym, so Tony had a workout and I did some yoga before dinner time. We had a lovely dinner at the Floathouse Patio and Grill. Soo good! Definitely stop here!


Looking forward to exploring Ukee more again tomorrow!


❤ KT



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