Mystery Road Trip – Day Nineteen

DAY NINETEEN – Sunday 6th May 2018

Ucluelet BC to Golden BC

It’s a “get er done kinda day” today, we woke up and left early for our short drive back to Nanaimo to catch the Ferry back to the mainland.

We almost got to meet up with Sophie near Chilliwack (I swear I’m not making these town names up) and catch up with tales from her month long road trip into the US down the West Coast, but she didn’t want to meet up with us apparently!! Or had some other silly excuse like helping out with work or something 😛 haha all good.

We were originally planning on driving out of Vancouver (get me away from the city!) and find somewhere between Van and Golden to stay for the night, but in the end we just wanted to get home.

We opened up day twenty to see what our final day had in store for us. Lots of driving, and road trip games. Pick a category e.g. animals, take turns naming an animal starting with the letter A, all the way to Z, we played animals, countries, and weird names for female or male Genitalia haha.

Our challenge for day twenty was pretty much to get home, so although it made for a ridiculously long day of travelling, (15.5 hours, including a 3 hour ferry ride!) it was nice to finally get home and sleep in my own bed again! Even if it was midnight by the time we pulled into the driveway!

Tony drove the last section after it got dark as I tend to get sleepy late at night, and he is quite the night owl! I managed to stay awake with Northern Lights excitement! I received an email from my Aurora activity alert, so I spent most of the drive with my face pressed up against the passenger window trying to look up and catch glimpses of anything cool happening in the sky.

As we were driving through Rogers Pass, where there is no light pollution, I could see a glow across the sky, but no cool colours or anything. I was almost tempted to park and stay awake all night staring at the sky to try and catch a glimpse, but we are on the home stretch!

We found a truck with headlights bright enough to light up an entire forest travelling at the speed limit, and tried to stick right behind him hoping that he would scare away, or at least protect us from any stray animals on the road! It worked. Made it home safe and sound.

I think we did a pretty good job of trying to complete all the challenges listed for us! 60 Challenges in total, I think we completed 49, although 3 were closed, so if you don’t count those, our completion rate is 87%. Not too bad eh! We definitely passed!

The hundreds of thank yous we have already mentioned don’t seem nearly enough to express our gratitude to Jenn for organising this trip for us! I think we will save the daily cards and envelopes to pass on to someone else and hopefully let others share this awesome experience too!

My favourite place would have to be a tie between Hyder, Alaska and Vancouver Island, both super beautiful, peaceful places with great atmospheres. Hyder especially was very unique, and somewhere I never would have thought to visit, I’m glad we got to experience that tiny little ghost town!

Home sweet home back in Golden again. 🙂 One more week off before back to my holiday job life. Lol. Life is good! Not even sad that we are back.

Approximately 6345km travelled, 2 provinces, British Columbia, Alberta, 1 Territory Yukon, 1 State, Alaska, 6 black bears, 1 moose, 19 days, 49 out of 60 challenges completed, 1 epic adventure of a lifetime.

Until next time!



❤ KT



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