Mystery Road Trip – Day Two

DAY TWO – Thursday 19th April 2018 Jasper AB   A day to chill and explore! We went for a short drive to Pyramid Island where Jenn and Shaun got married (awww) and completed today’s challenge. More selfies and geocaching! This geocache was really cool, stones aren’t always stones! Sometimes if you flip them over, they… Continue reading Mystery Road Trip – Day Two

Mystery Road Trip – Day One

DAY ONE – Wednesday 18th April 2018 Golden BC to Jasper AB I am happy to report today has been nothing but a success! But then again, how could anything go wrong when we have every tiny detail put in front of us! :p After a lovely breakfast with good friends, and a sad goodbye… Continue reading Mystery Road Trip – Day One

The Amazing Race: Mystery Road Trip Edition

So, have you ever wanted to go on an adventurous, exciting holiday without the hassle and stress of planning it? Well, prepare to get super excited (read: jealous) because not only has our boss planned a 3 week road trip, complete with budget, destinations, activities, and the best sightseeing spots, she has turned it into… Continue reading The Amazing Race: Mystery Road Trip Edition