Two grown up kids and a van – Day 4

Day 4 – Wednesday 3rd May 2017
Seattle, WA to some random place on the side of the road, WA

So many animals!!! At the zoo that is. I sometimes wonder about the ethics of zoos, caging animals for our personal enjoyment, but this Zoo seems to be doing a lot for conservation in the wild, releasing some of them back into the wild, most of the enclosures looked to be a decent size, and the animals seemed happy.

It started off overcast, cold and foggy, but by 11am it was sunny, and we felt the highest temperatures since 6 months!!! About 25 degrees haha, although it felt so much hotter, we def weren’t prepared for the heat! Never the less we skipped down the paths and visited all of the animals, including a lion and a tiger, and an orangutan and some monkeys and a jaguar and penguins and birds, so many cool things to see!!! And then once we saw everything, we went back to see our favourites, the big brown bears and the river otters again :p unfortunately we had to leave or we would miss out on more otters at the aquarium!

Time to put on shorts for the first time in 6 months, ahhhh! Blinded by the whiteness! I’m looking forward to playing in the sunshine in California, it should start getting gradually warmer as we head further south!

The Seattle Aquarium was also really great, but very small, especially compared to Sydney Aquarium. But we got to see a massive octopus, seals, fur seals and watch the sea otters get fed, which isn’t unlike a Steinhardt family meal back home; the playing stops as soon as you can smell the food, everyone jumping and wrestling for their share, first in best dressed…
We sat in the sun, watched the seals and had a snack. High 5 to me for making a big batch of bliss balls before we left to take with us! There is a slight breeze as we are by the ocean, but the sun feels amazing on my back.

received_10154620266097666Again it is time to leave this wonderful city. We could have spent another day or 2 here exploring and doing more tours, especially the historical underground tour, but we must continue on!

We jumped in the car and headed for the 101! So much traffic leaving the city so it took us a lot longer than expected, but finally made it off the 5 and onto the 101. We stopped in a quiet little town to get subway for dinner, and quickly left, as pretty sure there were some guys on crack and huffing paint fumes in the carpark. Don’t stop there for the night :/ As we neared the Oregon state border we found a small little spot off the side of the road where it was quiet and no crazy people, where we could safely spend the night in the van. More episodes of Dexter on the tablet before another slopey/hilly night’s sleep.


received_10212539815081040Our view of Mount St Helens as we were leaving Seattle


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